How to Behave as Siblings

I am currently reading the book How to be a Lady.  I recommend it highly, even though I am in no way almost done reading it.  It covers many important aspects to being a God honoring young lady.  I thought that I would post one of my chapter reports on the book, because I thought that it would make a good article, and that maybe someone might learn something from it.

Chapter five is what I believe to be one of the most important chapters in the book.  It covers how children should act toward their siblings.  The chapter went through the eldest child, younger children, and only children, and their roles in the family.

I think I should say something about what siblings’ behavior makes a house like.  Children who do not have strife with each other and who love and respect their brothers and sisters make a house a haven.  Not only will the residents of the home want to be there, enjoying the gentle and honoring atmosphere, but the stranger will too.  For in that place their might be differences of opinion, but there is not strife.  There is individuality, but it harmonizes into one family.  That family will stand strong in hard times, supporting each other and encouraging each other.

What about a family that doesn’t harmonize?  That is a place where brother and sister are continually contending, and tattling on each other.  Most of you have probably seen a home like this.  It is loud, and sometimes the children are even screaming at each other.  No one is together, they are all living their separate lives, and that is were they want to stay.

I strongly believe, that just one child can change a disruptive house into a beautiful home.  A son who starts honoring his siblings will gain their respect.  They will try to behave better themselves.  A daughter who starts acting humbly toward her siblings will do the same, and she will bring a light and gentleness not only to the house but to herself as well.  No one enjoys a divided house, but everyone welcomes a unified one.

Older children have a leadership role in the household.  They must be wary of overusing it.  If they do, they are likely to turn the younger children against them.  This will cause a lot of contention and back-biting between the older and the younger.  Older children must learn to lead and not drive.  If they do so, the younger children will respect and love them.  They will also put their confidence in them.

Middle and younger children must be wary of tattle-tailing and always wanting their own way.  They must also watch out for being puffed up with pride if they do get their own way.  They must be submissive, humble, and not quick to turn in their brothers or sisters.  And even though they are younger, they can still have influence over their siblings.  If the elder looks on the younger, who is acting as they should, the elder child can realize how they are on the wrong path and turn to the correct behavior.

Only children must be wary of their temper and attitude.  They are not put under the trials of dealing with siblings and therefore are not used to dealing with others.  This can be a hard thing to overcome, since they didn’t have to learn to share, and to not always be first.  They can still grow up to act beautifully, if they have a good attitude toward their friends and peers.

No matter where you are in the order of siblings, you can be a blessing or a curse.  If you decide not to argue with your siblings, you presence will be like sunshine, and people will want to be around you.  However, if you decide to continue arguing, you will be like a dark storm cloud.  People will not enjoy your company, and your relationship with your family will not be close to what it could be.

It is your choice to make your house a haven or a riotous circus.  But I will say it is in no way honoring to God to be angry and full of strife, and that you will miss out on your best friends who will always stick close to you, your siblings.  I have learned that growing up.  Friends come and go, but siblings are always there for you, and they can understand you more then anyone else.  After all, they put up with us growing up didn’t they ☺?

I am not saying that you can change the attitude of your house in one night.  It takes lots of work, patience and support.  But with God’s help you can do it.  And if you do, it will be one of the most satisfying tasks you have ever completed



  1. #1 by Melody on November 26, 2008 - Wednesday, November 26, 2008

    Amazing post. I really enjoyed reading it and it is so true. You really can feel the tension and strife of a home when you enter it. You can also feel the peace of a harmonious home. What is the title of the book you are reading. Maybe you said in the post and I missed it. I’d like to read it though. It sounds really good.


  2. #2 by Victoria on November 26, 2008 - Wednesday, November 26, 2008

    It is called How to be a Lady. My mom is having me do chapter reports, so every now and again I get one that can be a blog post

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