A Speech I Once Gave

Ok, I am a bad blogger.  I haven’t posted in so long… I must apologize readers.  However, I was digging deep into my old writings, and found this speech I wrote in Co-op last year.  It is one of two that I wrote.  Maybe I will post the other sometime.

It’s happened again. They asked you to help out at the bake sale this week. You really don’t have the time, with music lessons getting done right at the time the bake sale starts and the dinner you told your friends you would go to starts right at the time the bake sale ends. But since you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings – and because they really need your help – you agree to help out. Besides, you can fit it in. Now, when your whole schedule starts to look like this, which, if you’re like me, it tends to do every now and then, you have a serious problem.
What problem, you ask? Well I take it back, you don’t have a problem, you have several problems. In the next few minutes, I will try to show you what these problems look like and how they effect each of us.
First, you have a priority problem. Well, what is a priority? A priority is something of “highest or higher importance, rank, privilege, etc.” You are putting all the things you are running around for before your family, and more importantly before God.
When you are putting activities before your family, do you tend to snap at them and get angry? Do you have time to talk out problems or just to have some family time together? When you put activities before God, does your time with Him starts to get shorter and shorter and shorter every day?
In my personal experience, when I start to run around like the world is going to end tomorrow, I can get really cranky. Just ask some members of my family what I am like when I am really tired. It’s not the best mood to find me in. I often start reading the shortest chapter in the Bible every night for several nights in a row. For those of you who are wondering, that would be Psalms 117, which conveniently has only two short verses in it. My prayers also tend to get a little shorter. After a while, these things can become a regular habit, which I can begin to do even when I am not busy.
How about you? Does your commitment to prayers and Bible studying lessen as it can so easily do? Does being worn down and busy take your thoughts away from God? How you ask? When you are really busy, do you take the time to admire the wonderful creation around you? Or do you not have the time to do so, because you are constantly moving from one event to another?
Colossians 3:2 says: Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth. We are to let all our thoughts center on the Lord. Do we do this when we are running everywhere, or are these thoughts pushed aside while we think things like “I wish everyone would quiet down! Can’t they see I’m trying to concentrate!? I need to done because I have to leave soon.” etc. etc.? These thoughts are not God honoring. They are worldly, selfish thoughts.
So, I hope you know see why over-activeness is a problem. The more that time goes on, it seems the more we push the gas pedal down and add more stuff to our list of things to do. I am willing to bet, that fixing this problem we have created, isn’t going to be easy. It is going to take more then just slamming the brakes.
But if we don’t hit the breaks what are we to do? We obviously cannot keep running around.
Before I answer this, first here is a question some of you might be asking yourselves; “Why not slam the breaks?” If over-activeness is so bad don’t we need to stop, and stop now?” There are two problems I find with skidding to a halt.
First, people are depending on you for the things you told them you would do. Whether it be helping at a bake sale or going to a dinner, you have given your word that you will go and you need to follow through with it. How would you feel if someone you were counting on suddenly pulled out, leaving you stranded? I know I wouldn’t want to be around some of you if it happened. Obviously we cannot suddenly go back on our word.
Second, if you suddenly had nothing to do, you would be amazingly bored. You might like having little to do for a day or two, or maybe even a week or so while you rested and got some home projects done. But after that life on the slow track would be tiresome.
We have all tasted this last one in our lives. You go on a long vacation for a week or two, and though you wish you could still be on vacation, you are glad to get home. But when time rolls ‘round again you ready to go somewhere else, whether it is a camping trip in the mountains or a tour of Europe, you are ready for an adventure or just to get out of the house. So to end things gradually is probably better.
No, you shouldn’t to drop everything. You don’t need to disappear from the world. The problem is being overly busy; having work to do is good. You just have to decide what you need to keep and what you need to let go of. I cannot tell you the answer to this; everyone is different and has different needs. I can tell you this, unfortunately, math and science are important; you can’t drop these no matter how much you want to. So are church, and the rest of your school work. I think that is kind of obvious. These are good things that prepare you for your life. The rest you have to figure out for yourselves. You should do this through studying the Bible and prayer.
I have one last point to make. Moderation. If you have too much of some things, even good things, they can turn into something bad. When I think of myself in this, I think of reading. It is a good thing, usually, but it can all too readily take power over my life. In a day, I can easily spend hours reading a book and neglect the work I need to be doing, like quilting or school work. Don’t most of us have this problem? TV, computer games, reading, or just lounging around are all snares we have to watch out for and avoid using to much. Don’t we all say to ourselves sometimes “One more chapter” or “Just a few more minutes”? But we all know how that usually ends. One chapter becomes 5 chapters, and ‘a few more minutes’ becomes an hour. We need to practice self control in these areas, so that we can gain control over our lives.
I hope I have shown you how we could all manage our time more wisely. I know I need to work more at it, and that probably some of you do too. Whether it is that you have too much speed, or need a little more moderation, I hope this speech will help you to be able to get these areas better in your life. It is something we have to constantly work at, lest we fall back into our old habits and sinful ways. I would like to close by reminding you what it says in 1 Corinthians 10:31. Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. Whatever we do, let it always be for God’s glory.


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