Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow, Thanksgiving is here already.  Ok, so it’s not untill tomorrow, but it is right around the corner!  This time tomorrow there will be a turkey in the oven, and I wil be rushing around the kitchen getting other things preped.  And there is some Pre-Thanksgiving cooking to do too.  Lots of pies are giong to find their way into our oven today!  Yummy yum!

Does the above paragraph sum up your Thanksgiving?  It does mine.  But that isn’t a good thing.

You see, somewhere along the line of hundreds of Thanksgivings, we have lost something.  The thanks part.  It is after all “Thanks”+”giving”.  I’m not sure how the equation “Thanks” + “Giving” = Turkey is legit, but it seems it is, or at least, we act like that.

On Thanksgiving, lets remember what we are thankful for.  Lets tell someone how much we love them, lets tell someone how much they mean to us.  Lets give a little, maybe if it is just a little thing like letting someone else have that last piece of pumpkin pie. (Then again, that might not be a little thing in your family.)

Here are some things I am thankful for this year:
1. My Creator and Savior, without whom there would be nothing to be thankful for.
2. My parents.  They have taken the time to teach me and raise me the way I need to.  They have spent hours that they never got payed for with me, completely being unselfish. I love you two! ♥
3. My siblings.  There are times that I argue with them, but you two mean so much to me.  Without you childhood would have been a lonely place.  Jenna, you have always been there for me, and all our late night adventures I will never forget.  And Christian, you can make me laugh so hard!  The time we spend together, even just watching Hogans Heroes and The Beverly Hillbillies, is precious.
4. My friends.  This is for my friends here with me, and the ones online.  All of you guys help me get through the day.
5. I know I just mentioned online friends, but GenJ friends are worthy to be mentioned again.  You guys rock!  I wish I could meet you.  You mean so much to me, when I’ve been lonely or frustrated I can go to the chat and forums and feel like I belong.  You all are totally amazing.

There is more of course, but I don’t want this post to be as long as it could be with all of them.  The sunshine, the rain, the mountains over the horizen, all are wonderful aspects of God’s creation and all I am thankful for!  Don’t forget them in your lists.




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