Lights are out, stores are hanging out their happy holiday signs and perhaps you yourself are starting to sing the carols of the season.  Then there is the cookies and of course eggnog and… wait a minute, back up a bit.  Happy Holidays?!  Hmm… This seemingly innocent two words are actually two sneaky little enemy agents!  Well, ok, maybe tools by the enemy would be a better way to say that, but you get the point.

You see, when people say Happy Holidays, or Holiday Tree (where did that come from?  I hadn’t heard that until this year) or Holiday lights, or Holiday stroll, or anything of that nature, they are spreading the propoganda of the world.  It’s not what’s there, it’s what isn’t there.  What every happened to Merry Christmas, or Christmas Tree, or Christmas anything?  Well, I’ll tell you what.  The world hates Christ.  Having him associated with one of the biggest holidays of the year, if not the biggest, makes them angry.  So slowly, but surely, they have taken their agents of the world and started to change that.

This is wrong!  Taking Christ out of Christmas is a way that the world is using to silence us christians.  We need to stop this, we need to avoid this.

How?  First, refuse to say Happy Holidays.  Make a point to say Merry Christmas.  To store clerks, on your Christmas cards, in regular conversations.  Everywhere.  Avoid Happy Holidays.

Another thing you could consider would be avoiding stores in your Christmas shopping that say Happy Holidays.  We need to support people who support us.  If we want to get our message out to the world, we need to be different.  When we avoid the stores that say Happy Holidays, we take away quite a chunk of money out of their pockets.  If enough people did that, we could have our Christmas back.

Shall we?



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