Reflecting Snow

“What’s this?  Another post about snow?  She must really love the stuff!” you are probably thinking.  The truth is, I don’t care that much for snow.  I’m more of a warm weather person.  But the more that I look around, I realize how it embodies so much of the Christian walk.

Today, I thought of reflexion.  What makes snow beautiful?  Is it just because it’s white?  No.  It’s because all of those little snowflakes catch light and reflect it so that it sparkles.  Otherwise it would just look like another white thing, like a piece of paper.  Not that beautiful.  It is the reflection, the sunlight or moonlight, that gives it that sparkle.

It’s like us.  As Christians, where does our beauty come from?  Does it come from ourselves?  No, we are plain, like paper.  But when we reflect our God and Savior, it makes us pretty.  Then we are truly worth looking at.  Do we reflect Him?  Or our we reflecting the world.

Being a Christina does not automatically guarantee that we shine.  It is when we live for Him, and our inner self and selfish desires die, when we are incompased with Him, then we are shining His light.  When God has become so much part of our life that we are living for Him, then we are beautiful.  Otherwise, we are of the world and plain, not reflecting at all.

We need to make it a point to make sure we are reflecting Him.

Go with God,


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