New: Reviews

Hey everyone!  I have decided to try something new here at HA.  I am going to start writing reviews about movies, books etc.  There are so many things out there to read and watch, and it can be hard to figure out before hand what is worth spending time on.  Hopefully this can help with that a little.  I’m reading and watching movies all the time, so this will help me to not only make that time a little more useful, but also to help me analyze what I am letting into my mind.  (Even if you are not planning on having someone else read it, writing reviews really makes you step back and look at the book/movie/music, etc. and decide if you really should be reading/watching/listening to stuff like that, or even if you should be suggesting it to others.  Try it sometime.)

I don’t know how in-depth I will be going, but hopefully there will be enough to help you make decisions.



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