I waited expectantly for the sun to rise this morning.  I had gotten up way earlier than usual (three O’Clock to be exact) for a special praise/prayer/study chat that I wanted to take a part of.  I decided to take a look at the sunrise, since I had not seen it for a while.  As the sky started to lighten, I waited expectantly for the burst or red and orange colors that I knew would be there, that I knew should be there.

But they never showed.  I waited, and though the sky continued to lighten, there was no color, and no sun in sight.  Then I noticed why.  Clouds, still dark with the night, covered the sky completely.  I would not get my beautiful display of colors.  I would not even get to see the sun as it peeped over the mountains.  All I saw was the plain, dull looking clouds.

And then I thought of us as Christians.  We are supposed to be a light in the world, the beauty in a dark and sinful land.  But do our sins, like clouds cover up what we are supposed to be?  When the world sees us, are they not getting what they expected to find?  Or worse yet, have they come to expect the clouds?

What are they seeing in the church?  In your family?  Your friends?  or even just you?



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