Spring Cleaning

(image taken from sxc.hu Credit goes to lusi)

Recently, Spring cleaning has taken control of our house.  Now, I understand Spring isn’t here yet, but my mother insists that there is other things she would like to do when the weather gets nice, besides clean house.  So Pre-Spring cleaning has been ordered.  We started with the kitchen yesterday.  Now, I knew the kitchen might need a little polishing, but in truth it was terrible.  The tops of the cabinets had a nice layer of grease and dust on them.  (Since they are way up out of eyesight, those things tend to be forgotten).  Tools we didn’t need, and probably never would need, were found and thrown out (We had a total of 4 thermometers).  There were times that I was literally using a Q-Tip to get the dust out of crevices.  I felt like an archeologist!  I didn’t realize that there was so much grime and clutter gathered.

And then I started wondering, how much worldly filth has gathered inside of me that I am not aware of?  At first glance do I look clean, but looking deeper am I coated and cluttered with the world?  Is the grime covering up the light I am supposed to be shining for God?
So, as I am Pre-Spring cleaning, I am going to also be going through myself, and slowly removing the world that has somewhere probably settled in places that I am not aware of.  It might be as easy as a quick dusting, or it might be as hard as scrubbing with a Q-Tip, but for the glory of God, I think I should do it.
Care to join me?

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  1. #1 by travelbug17 on February 24, 2010 - Wednesday, February 24, 2010

    Ohmigoodness. this is brilliant!
    I love how you write 🙂
    I’m looking forward to keeping up with your blogs!!
    Thanks for posting this, I think I’m going to do some pre-Spring cleaning of myself as well.

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