A Letter to a Supporter of Obamacare

My mom told me that I should read this article by Bojidar Marinov, and I did.  I thought it was very interesting and would like to share it with you all.  http://americanvision.org/2010/post/aletter-to-a-supporter-of-obamacare/ 

Since I know that most of the people who stumble on here won’t read the article (I do it sometimes too, I don’t blame you) here are one or two excerpts from it:

“I want to help you see the three major misconceptions you have about this matter. May be you will listen to common sense this time…  …The [misconceptions] you have about the bill [are]… the healthcare bill makes you a beneficiary… The healthcare bill will change only one thing… there is no moral difference between voluntary sharing and compulsion.” Bojidar Marinov

Then of course he goes on to support all his points, which I won’t post up here.  You’re just going to have to go read the article ;-).


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