Missing Pictures :-/

taken from sxc.hu Creadit goes to ba1969

Oi.  Looking over past blog posts, I realize  I have some issues.  Pictures are disappearing.  Oi.

See, I got most of them off Google.  Then the people who originally put them on google took them off, and when they did that, they also removed the link that my pictures were from, therefore getting me the little box with the red x in them.  No pictures.
But I’m going to start fixing the problem.  Any more pictures simply pulled off a search engine will have to be saved to my computer and then put on here.  A little more time-consuming, but it should halt the growing number of missing pictures.
So there’s my update on behind the scenes of blog making for you (or should it be, behind the screens? ;-))
Edit:  I forgot to add, I’ll go back and replace the missing pictures… eventually =P  When I have a little free time on my hands.

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