His Birth… and Death

During the Christmas season, we are constantly reminded of Jesus birth.  And it was quite an amazing thing, to be sure.  We all know the story, of the spectacular events that took place, with angles and shepherds and wise men and Mary and Joseph and that little manger in that cave, where our Savior entered into the world He was going to die for… yes, it was spectacular.

But I think we need to remember this December, and every December for that matter, that His birth would mean nothing without His death.  His touching entrance into the world would give us nothing, and be no more than some interesting tale, if it wasn’t for the death in which He left it, and saved us all from Hell and God’s wrath.  And all in all, the real story that counts is the death and resurrection.

So while you sit and sing carols about the manger and the angles, remember that it was all for the cross and salvation.  It was the beginning of the rescue of the world.


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