The Spice of Life

You might not know it, but I like to consider myself a chef.  I like to tinker around in the kitchen, sometimes with a recipe sometimes without one.  One thing you learn is the importance of spice.  It transforms anything.  While you can be quite content with a simple bit of chicken sautéed in butter, it becomes something completely different and even more special when spices are added.  It becomes curry.  It becomes spicy.  It becomes tangy and interesting.

Now, since this cliché title and the description that plainly shows I really want a snack right now don’t really help you understand what this post is about, here it is.  I believe that we have a lot of control over our own attitudes.  I think a major part of this is taking joy in the simple pleasures of life.  The simple pleasures are kind of like the spice in food.  They’re what make it really special because then you enjoy every little bit, even the tiny crumbs.

I was reminded of this while continuing my washing down of the house (We’ve already gone over the weird thoughts that come in and out of my mind while working.).  Mom assigned me to the kitchen cabinets, which armed with a pan of warm soapy water and a dish rag I started on.  It was rather uneventful and non-joyous work, and then I hit the spice cabinet.  Oh it smelt so good! 😀  All of the chillies and the cinnamon and the nutmeg all blended together in a beautiful smell.  And I took a happy little moment to enjoy it.

It’s so nice to be able to take joy in the little moments, and it gave me another glimmer of simple joy to add to my day.

Remember to stop and enjoy these moments.  They brighten a day so much 🙂


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