A Spiritual Journal

Taken (again) from sxc.hu.  Credit goes to ba1969It has actually been my intent to post about this for a while now, because I find spiritual journals so useful and I think they are a great thing to have.  I started mine a little over a year ago now, just a simple, gold notebook that I fill with the things I’ve learned, current prayer requests and struggles, answers to those struggles, what goals I have in my spiritual life, what songs I absolutely love to sing in praise, etc.  I also use it to take notes during talks or sermons.

The reason I find all this good, is not actually for the now, but for the future.  Every now and then I open up the pages and relearn old lessons, remember the joys and heights I have experienced as God’s child, see the prayers that have been answered, the struggles I’ve overcome, and just how much I’ve grown since I’ve started it.  It helps to uplift, and is a major blessing.  I would recommend that you keep one too.

I know, I know, you’re just not a journal keeper.  I’m not really one either, when it all boils down to it.  I’ve tried journals and diaries and they’ve all flopped (actually, my journal keeping mirrors my blog life.  I’ll start and stop and eventually give up.  Except for one site, Holy Aspirations, or one journal, my spiritual one.  Honestly, there a gaps of months where I haven’t written in either, but I find that the posts/days I do write are well worth the effort of keeping both things going.)

So I would at least encourage you to try.  Who knows what you might fill those pages with that you will want to remember again!



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