General Notice of Updates

Here’s what’s up readers of mine:

1. You have probably noticed I have again changed my theme.  WordPress is always coming out with really cool new ones, and this is one that caught my eye and I had to try.  I do that occasionally, you know.  It’s almost like a need for a change of scene, except in cyberspace pixels.  Hope you like it.

2. Moving date is right around the corner next week, and my life (and therefore posting abilities) will be somewhat chaotic.  I’m very much desiring to continue posting here during that time, but if something happens, never fear!  WordPress gives me the ability to set a timer on my posts, and I have already set up several posts that will come to you in what I think will be the most hectic of times.  They’ll probably be a little different than the usual posts, some being school papers or what not, but they should still be good.  I’m still hoping to interspersed it with things I write in real time, but that will give me a sort of safety net. (This itself is one of those updates, because I wrote this on the 20th and like to not post more than one post at a time… don’t ask me why, because I couldn’t give you a logical answer.)

3. Lastly, you’ll notice a new “page” or tab on top titled Off Topic.  Once upon a time I said I was going to try to incorporate humerus posts into my blog, but I have later decided that it would break up the flow of the posts and since the humor posts would be (and since I have none, have obviously already been) rather random and few and far between, it would be, in my mind, wrong.  So whenever I get the very rare inclination to write a humorous post, it will go under the new tab.

So that’s what’s up, and hopefully I’ll be able to keep you all updated on the move 🙂



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