Moving, and the Blessings Therein

Well, here I am, leg one of three done is this process of moving, and now reporting from my grandmother’s house.

During the whole cleaning the house like crazy and having almost nothing else on your mind, I’ve remembered two awesome blessings in my life.

Family:  Wow, if you had heard the plots spun by my brother and I, you would look at us like we were crazy.  Most involve ice cream. But during this time I remember how fun it is to sit down with my brother and just talk and talk and talk and plan billions of things we’ll probably never accomplish.  I’m really blessed with a great relationship with my brother and I’m so happy to have it.

(and for my relationship with the rest of the fam. too, but it’s usually with my brother I need the reminder, if you know what I mean.)

Friends: Wow, I don’t know how many times people randomly showed up at my house just to clean in those last few days.  Well, maybe the rest of my family knew they were coming, but I was never told. People who are willing to give that much of their time to come clean their friends house are just awesome, and here’s a big shout out to anyone who helped at all, because you helped A LOT!

So I’m learning through this, and hopefully can learn the whole experience into such an informative process like that above.


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