Television >.<

And here I thought I was finally getting an upperhand on my laziness issues.  Living at Grandma’s has brought me into contact with something my family gave up a long time ago: Television.  We still have a TV for watching movies, but cable we got rid of.  I had forgotten what a major time sucking device this was.

Now, I could blame the TV, which is actually what I was planning on doing before I wrote this post, but a thought just occurred to me.  The TV has no power over me, and is not at fault for my time wasting.  It’s all my fault.  I can’t blame the TV, or the computer, or a book, because it’s all my own actions, my own laziness, my own lack of self control.  Moving the blame to something else isn’t going to help me fix my issues, in fact, it will probably hinder my fixing them.

It’s all an excuse.  It’s so much easier to say that our problems aren’t our own, that we aren’t at fault.  But in the end are we really fooling anyone?

So from now on I’m placing the blame where it really is, and I’m going to work at my laziness from where it truly is: my own self.


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