Uh… Posting… Yeah…

So, I don’t even know how many times I’ve thought to myself: “I’m going to write a new post today ” It’s been floating on the top of my to do list. However, if you are following my blog, you know how that’s turned out, and I’m sorry. I should probably get a bunch of sticky notes like the one below and paste them up on the walls. I’m not sure that everyone else would appreciate it, though.

Taken from sxc.hu. Credit goes to jaylopez

As a general update, we’re still at my Grandmother’s house, but our new home is getting pretty close to done, and I SHOULD be living there by the end of August. Yeah, I think I’ve told myself that at the end of every month since this adventure started. But this time I’m pretty sure. We have to move in someday, right?

Also, Camp! For those who don’t know, I am going to camp this month. Last year, camp was the best week of my life. I can’t wait to go this year, and if it’s anything like last  year I hope to be amazingly seeped in the Word, with good, Christian people around me. Last year I came back so happy, and so much more knowledgable, and I pray I grow as much this year as then.

So anyway, that’s life. I’ve kept myself busy reading, and editing, and asking my mom what she thinks of my latest novel rough (way way way rough) draft, and finding new recipes, and trying to keep my cat safe inside, and helping around the land on the weekends, and recently I’ve just gotten over a rather long cold.

(That paragraph sums a lot of my interests rather well… minus the cold, of course)

More important than all that stuff, however, is my spiritual life. Honestly, I’ve had a bit of a struggle the last few months. I know God needs to be the center of my life, and I know I don’t bring Him into my daily life as I should. I’m trying to grow my relationship with Him (Always a constant struggle, isn’t it?) There’s so much distraction in my life right now, with TV and a loud two-year old cousin and internet, that I keep forgetting to make time for more important things. That’s no excuse, it just shows I need to learn patience and a little more self-control and perhaps get myself on a schedule of some sort. So anyway, prayer’s appreciated.

The above paragraph sums up Holy Aspirations a bit, in that I’m not here to really teach. Yes, occasionally I have an idea that I think is positively brilliant and want to share with the world in hopes of it helping someone, but a lot of it is just me recording my thoughts, thoughts I hope others understand and can use to help themselves grow. I hope I get more of these thoughts and remember to actually post them in the future!

So, there’s life. Thank you all for your patience, (or I suppose you might have lost patience, and are not here anymore, and I’m talking to no one… but oh well. ) I’ll try to do more in the future, though if August goes as I hope, half of it I might not have computer access for… so we’ll see 😛



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