“She Wouldn’t Want Me To”

So it had been a long day of picking out colors for the new house, and I cheerfully sat down on the couch to see what was on TV. As watching the Bourne Supremacy on television, – Here there be spoilers, if you haven’t seen the movie before – and I came to the part where he’s got the CIA guy who’s in charge of Treadstone. Jason wants to shoot the guy, to get revenge for everything that he put him through, for making him run for years and for the death of his girlfriend. But he realizes that his girlfriend wouldn’t want him to kill this guy, that she would want him to take the high road, not the vengeful one.  And he doesn’t, telling the man who’s pretty much ruined his life “She wouldn’t want me to.”

Now, as I watched this I had a little “blogging thought” . As we go through life, we are going to come to points that we want to do something wrong. We want to take that revenge. We want to bring pain to those who have brought pain to us. But as Christians we should always turn from those things. Not grudgingly, but willingly. Because God wouldn’t want us to. We so much want to please Him that we turn from the things He wouldn’t like. We should be so in love with Him that our selves and our own desires fall by the wayside.

So, just a thought to keep in mind. (And yes, yes I can make a blog post out of such random things)

We must always work for His glory, and not our own.




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