Why Write?

So, why write a blog, when you already have two others?  For me, that question was answered in one word.  Desperation.  You see, my other two blogs are my just for fun, write about the time the ketchup went missing, and post random bits of poetry blogs.  They usually hold the same posts, and they usually get the same amount of views.  About 3 a month.  They were plenty to satisfy me when I decided that I felt like writing a lengthy, pointless post.  But then, I started writing other things.  Sitting in bed, I started thinking of so many things that Christians could do, could aspire to.  I started writing articles.  My parents said I had talent, and that I needed to put them up somewhere.  The Internet seemed the most obvious place, but my current blogs were no place to put really controversial, filled with scripture, things I really believed in posts.  They would get lost within my just for fun posts.  So here is this blog.  It is about what I believe that Christians as individuals, and the church as a whole, should aspire to.  I pray that you find the posts to come inspiring you to aspire, and to work hard at your faith.  I hope and pray that somewhere, someone can use this blog, to learn from it.  As Christians, we are called to Aspire to higher things, these are some of my aspirations.  What are yours?  Forever your sister in Christ,


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