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Quiet Time

Quiet time is something I’ve been working on in my life. I read the article HERE, and thought it was very inspiring and helpful. I recommend reading it. (Actually, it’s an article originally shared from HERE. So I’m sharing a share, I guess. But the point is that you read it!)



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2 Youtube Videos to Listen To

Very good. You should listen to them. They speak for themselves so I won’t give them much of an introduction.

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Drifting from Christ

I found an article I liked today, and thought I’d share it.  (It’s short, but contains some really good info in those few paragraphs).  I recommend you take the two minutes to read it, it’s a good reminder for any christian.

The Day I Hooked a Seagull & Thought I’d be Vaporized – By Mark Altrogge

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The Fearless Freeman

I’m here to present a project that one of my friends has recently put together (recently meaning it’s finally falling in place, when in actuality he’s been laying the groundwork for some time.)

It’s called The Fearless Freeman, and it’s a free subscription email column.  To quote what he wrote:

“Christ, the Author of Law and Liberty to whom all nations owe obedience in all areas, including government. Covenant, the contract of America’s heritage by which our ancestors, from the pilgrims to the framers, agreed to govern themselves before God, submitting to the valid laws of contractual government, the covenant that makes self government possible and freedom sustainable. The Constitution, the finalized form which that Covenant has taken: instituting a limited government which we must together strive to hold under the terms of that creed. This is our battle-cry and creed”

You can find information and his past columns at the blog:  It’s one of the projects I’ve seen recently that I’m really excited about.  So go check it out 🙂


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A Letter to a Supporter of Obamacare

My mom told me that I should read this article by Bojidar Marinov, and I did.  I thought it was very interesting and would like to share it with you all. 

Since I know that most of the people who stumble on here won’t read the article (I do it sometimes too, I don’t blame you) here are one or two excerpts from it:

“I want to help you see the three major misconceptions you have about this matter. May be you will listen to common sense this time…  …The [misconceptions] you have about the bill [are]… the healthcare bill makes you a beneficiary… The healthcare bill will change only one thing… there is no moral difference between voluntary sharing and compulsion.” Bojidar Marinov

Then of course he goes on to support all his points, which I won’t post up here.  You’re just going to have to go read the article ;-).

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I Refuse to be Comforted

Hi everyone!

My mother found this great article on American Vision (  It is about how Christians have become  comfortably numb to the problems and issues in our culture.  It was very interesting to read, and very important.  It addresses a big issue that we have in our culture today.  Read it here:

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