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The Fearless Freeman

I’m here to present a project that one of my friends has recently put together (recently meaning it’s finally falling in place, when in actuality he’s been laying the groundwork for some time.)

It’s called The Fearless Freeman, and it’s a free subscription email column.  To quote what he wrote:

“Christ, the Author of Law and Liberty to whom all nations owe obedience in all areas, including government. Covenant, the contract of America’s heritage by which our ancestors, from the pilgrims to the framers, agreed to govern themselves before God, submitting to the valid laws of contractual government, the covenant that makes self government possible and freedom sustainable. The Constitution, the finalized form which that Covenant has taken: instituting a limited government which we must together strive to hold under the terms of that creed. This is our battle-cry and creed”

You can find information and his past columns at the blog:  It’s one of the projects I’ve seen recently that I’m really excited about.  So go check it out 🙂



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